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Olive Tree Adoptions

Questions about Olive Tree Adoptions

What’s the difference between the groves and how do I decide where to adopt a tree?

The main difference between the groves is the age of the trees. Some sections of the grove are over 150 years old and have large knotted trees and some sections have younger trees (30-80 years old). Although each grove has different characteristics, the oil will be similar in taste because we are a single variety olive grove. You can select a grove on your own or we can select a grove for you.

What is included in the Welcome Package?

Full & Premium Adoptions: Welcome Packages includes an adoption certificate, a photo of your tree, a photo of the tag on your tree with your name on it, all beautifully packaged. You also receive an informational brochure, a welcome letter with a description of your grove and 3 - 500ml tins of extra virgin olive oil, so that you get to experience the goodness right away!

Express Adoption: Welcome Package includes an adoption certificate, a photo of a section of our groves where your olive oil came from (you do NOT get your own tree or tree tag with Express adoptions) all beautifully packaged. You also receive an informational brochure, a letter and description of the grove and 3 - 500ml tins of extra virgin olive oil (1 Signature Estate, 1 Early Harvest Press & 1 Primo)

When will I receive the Welcome Package?

We try to ship out the Welcome Package 5-7 days from when we receive an order. However, since we tag and take photos of each individual tree, it depends on the weather in southern Italy. If it’s raining, we don't go out into the groves to take photos.  It also takes longer during the holidays and during harvest. We do our best to get the Welcome Package out as soon as possible.

I want to give an olive tree adoption as a gift. Can I have the Welcome Package sent to me and the olive oil sent to the recipient?

Yes, we can send the welcome package to one address and the olive oil to another address. You will be able to indicate where you want the welcome package and olive oil sent during the check-out process.

How much olive oil do I receive with my olive tree adoption?

Express Adoption: You will receive 1.5 liters of olive oil (3 – 500ml tins) 

Full Adoption: You will receive 3 liters of olive oil (3 - 500ml tins with your welcome package & 3 - 500ml tins in the Spring) 

Premium Adoption: You will receive 3.75 liters of olive oil (3 500ml tins with your welcome package,  3 - 500ml tins in the Spring and 3 - 250ml tins of flavored oils in the fall) 

Is the olive oil really from my tree?

In order to collect enough olives to press at the mill, we harvest each section of the grove together. So some of the olive oil is from your tree and some is from neighboring trees in your section of the grove.

Where are the groves located?

All our groves are located in the town of Feroleto Antico in the Calabria Region of Italy. Calabria produces more olive oil than any other region in Italy except for the Puglia region.

Where is the Calabria Region?

Calabria is the toe of the boot. We are approximately 5.5 hours south of Rome.

When will I receive the olive oil from my tree?

We ship olive oil for olive tree adoptions in the spring (March 21 – June 21.) We try to shoot for late April/Early May but sometimes for circumstances beyond our control (international shipping, customs, strikes, etc.) it may take longer.

If I adopt a tree in the spring, do I have to wait an entire year for my olive oil?

No, we always include 3 tins of olive oil with your Welcome Package.  For adoptions ordered by February 28th/29th, you will receive the olive oil from your tree from the most recent harvest and is delivered in late April/early May of the same year.  For orders placed after February 28th/29th, we send the olive oil from your tree the following year, however, you will still receive 3 - 500ml tins of olive with your Welcome package. 

Can I come visit my tree?

Yes. Please contact us beforehand so that we can make arrangements for someone to meet you.

Questions about Ordering Online

Why was my credit card declined when I tried to order?

Usually a credit card is declined when the information you enter does not match up with the information your credit card company has on file. In many cases, cards are declined for incorrect zip code or security code. If you continue to have trouble, please contact us directly and we can take your order over the phone.

What credit cards do you take?

We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  All prices are in USD.

I’m not comfortable making purchases online. Can I make other arrangements?

Yes - we can take your order order the phone - call us at 413-224-2031 

This is a gift for a special occasion this weekend, can I get the welcome package by Friday?

We do our best to ship the welcome package out as soon as possible but since we take photos and tag each tree individually (we don’t send you a photo taken last year or a photo of the prettiest tree in the grove) it may take several days to receive the photos. We also have an Express Adoption for that last minute gift.  Express adoptions usually ship within 24 hours or sooner.